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As its name suggests, Kisscartoon is an online anime streaming website. On which you can watch a variety of anime based on different stories, genre and plots. The best thing about the kiss cartoon website is that you can watch or download your favourite animes in HD for free as well.

It is similar to a library of the anime world where you can watch almost every show you like. At this time of the year, Kisscartoon has a collection of over 5000 anime which includes not only for kids but for adults as well.


Is Kisscartoon safe?

If you want to watch anime on kisscartoons, we can assure you that it's totally safe. However, it is not a legal website because it streams unlicensed anime. You might see few advertisements on the website as well because these advertisement helps the owner to keep running the website.

How many Kiss Cartoon mirror's are there?

Since the official website of the Kiss Cartoons was shut down back in 2017, there are many similar websites called "mirrors" which has the same name but different domain extensions:







Kiss cartoon Supported Platforms:

Since this is a website for anime streaming, you can use any platform to watch your favourite shows:

  • Personal Computers

  • Laptops

  • Mobile Phones (Both Apple and Android)

  • Mac Books

  • Tablets

Kisscartoon app is also available on google playstore and you can also find app on some other websites as well.

How to download from Kisscartoon?

If you don't want to watch the anime online, you can also download them from kisscartoons website in any video quality like 360p, 480p, 720p or 1080p. The size of the videos will depend upon the video quality you wanted to download. The steps are:

  • First of all, choose your favourite anime which you want to download.

  • If you have IDM (Internet Download Manager), when you click on play video, it will show you a button to "Download this video" click on it, and it will start downloading afterwards.

  • If you don't have IDM, copy the video link and paste it into any video downloader.

  • Another way to download through the website is when you click to play the video, you can also see a download button on the bottom right corner.

What happened to Kiss cartoon?

After becoming famous free anime streaming plateform for several years, Kiss Cartoon finally shut down in 2017. Since this happened a few time before 2017, the website came back online within few days, but this time it's been more than three years.

After noticing, many of its users turned their back to social media to find out what happened to their favourite website. Unfortunately, they find out that the website was strike with copyrights infringement. Basically, it was taken down by DMCA because of providing illegal & free content to its users.

How to block ads on Kisscartoons?

Sometimes the advertisement on kisscartoons website becomes annoying you can simply block these ads with the help of ads blocker extensions:

  • Open your web browser and go to

  • Search for the ad blocker that is relevant for your browser.

  • Once you find out the ad-blocker, download it and install it.

Kisscartoon Alternatives:

There is no match for kiss cartoon because of the fame it gained among many users. This website was considered one of the best of its time, but we have a list of its alternate websites since it got shut down.



This is a great place where you can watch HD animated series and movies. You'll like what they have to offer as well; they also have a premium membership. However, their service is limited to 170 counties which means few countries won't watch their shows on this website until or unless they use a VPN.



There is no need to introduce Netflix; everyone knows what it is, but since it's on the list, it is also a great source not only to watch your favourite TV shows and movies but also as anime. However, the anime available on Netflix is also regionally locked, which means only a few countries have a chance to watch their favourite anime on Netflix.



Kimcartoon is also an excellent website for anime lovers. Here you can watch your most favourite anime for free as well as they have to offer a premium membership. If you don't have premium membership, then you'll see the advertisement.



This is considered a great source to watch anime online in English subtitles or English Dubbed, whichever you like. They have almost every anime available on their website. However, sometimes the users get annoyed by the amount of advertisement they placed on their website.



It is also considered a great website to watch your favourite shows it's pretty easy to use, and you can also find the latest episodes of the anime you like.

Cartoon Crazy:


Cartoon Crazy is also a great source to watch anime, especially if you want to watch dubbed anime and cartoons. There is a rumour that it has 12 million active users.

Gogo Anime:


Gogoanime is another online website that allows free streaming of trending and new anime series.



Toonova is also an alternate for cartoons. It also has a vast collection of anime and cartoons that you can watch since it's user-friendly; anyone can use this website to watch the shows.

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