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Gmail login Introduction

Gmail is a free worldwide email service provided by Google. While the programming of Gmail, it was kept in mind that it should be user-friendly. Gmail not only connects you to your emails but also gives you access to some other services of Google like; Google Maps, Google Docs, Google Drive, Calendar, etc. It is very convenient to do multiple tasks through only one application. But for doing that, First, you will have to log in to your Gmail account.


You are always logged into your account but when you delete your app, or you are logged out of your account for some reason, you will have to log in again. Here are a few easy steps on how you can log in to your Gmail account:

  • Firstly go to any browser you prefer and open

  • In the text box, you will be entering your Gmail address or your contact number.

  • Click on 'next' after entering your email.

  • Write down your password in the text box and click ' next '.

  • You will be logged into your Gmail account.

  • Now if you are having a hard time remembering your password, select 'forgot password?' below the password tile.

  • You will be provided a one-time password ( OTP ) on your phone number which you have already linked to your Gmail account.

  • Enter the provided password and your account will be logged in.

  • You will then have to select a new password for your account.


Primarily, while systemizing your android you will have to log in to your Gmail account. Following these quick and easy steps, you will have your Gmail account in your android mobile phone, tablet, etc, or any of your iOS products/device.


  • First of all, you have to download the Gmail app.

  • After that, you will have to follow the same process as we follow for the web while logging in


You can always add multiple Gmail accounts while staying logged in to your current account on any device. For setting up multiple accounts of Gmail, follow the steps given below :

  • Open your Gmail and click on your profile picture.

  • After that, a list will appear.

  • You have to select 'add another account.

  • Open your Gmail and click on your profile picture.

  • After that, provide the email for your other Gmail account, click next.

  • Select a strong password for your account.

  • Provide all the necessary information such as your contact number, date of birth, etc.

  • The process is similar to signing up for a Gmail account.

  • If you wish to add more accounts you will have to follow the same process each time.


  • Open Gmail from your apps.

  • After the appearance of the default Gmail box of your Google account, a menu slide will be there in the upper left corner.

  • Click the bar and a menu will appear.

  • Click on your email.

  • After that, some options will appear. Select ' add account '.

  • After that, another slide will appear. You will have to choose 'Google'.

  • You will be then asked to enter your Android device password, pattern or code just like when you unlock your device, for the process to continue.

  • After that, you will have to provide your basic information such as your email, your password, your contact number, etc.

  • The process is the same as you do while making a Gmail account on any device.

After filling up the required detail you will then tap on ' I agree ' to finalize your account.


For signing in to multiple Gmail accounts on iOS, follow the steps given below:

  • Tap on the Settings icon of your device and open it.

  • Tap on ' passwords and action '. You will find it while scrolling down a bit.

  • You will find an option of ' Add account '. Select it.

  • If you already have multiple accounts you might need to scroll down for this option to pop up.

  • Many options of other email sites will then appear on your screen, select ' Google '.

  • Then the common process of providing required information like email username, password, and contact number will begin.

  • If the server asks for two–factor authentication, it's always better to have it.

  • You can also turn on the contacts, notes, and calendar access to your email.

Dont't forget to click the ' save ' button on the top right side for your changes to be saved.

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