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MVC Architecture | The One Web Technology

In the past couple of years, my professional life has been blessed with the knowledge of the MVC pattern. What in the world is this MVC I speak of? MVC stands for Model-View-Controller, and it’s an idea behind application development to separate the 3 main pieces of the application into their own isolated environments. What does this mean exactly? There are three major components of any given application, be it a desktop application, mobile application, or a web-based application. These three components are the Controller, the View, and the Model. Now let’s get a more concrete idea of what each of these three components actually does within an application.
1.The Controller is essentially the traffic cop of the application, directing traffic to where it needs to go, figuring out which view it needs to load up, and interacting with the appropriate models.
2.In a web-based application, the view is exactly what it sounds like: the visible interface that the user interacts with, displaying buttons, forms, and information. Generally speaking, the controller calls up the view after interacting with the model, which is what gathers the information to display in the particular view.
3.The Model is where data from the controller and sometimes the view is actually passed into, out of, and manipulated.

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