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DataBase Services

database services | The One Web Technology

In every language, the most important part is database connectivity. we will cover all the aspects of database connectivity in the form of Create Operation. This is useful for beginners and will help them understand the different steps in database connectivity.There can be several ways to connect to a database through C#. Here, I will cover a simple ADO.NET approach and I will cover this through Stored Procedure and Grid View. So it will be good to have a little knowledge of SQL server and ASP.NET prior to going for this. I will use Visual Studio 2012 and SQL Server 2012, but the code will be the same for all the Visual Studio and SQL Server versions. With Web Pages, you can easily display data from a database. You can connect to an existing database, or create a new database from scratch.

What you'll learn:

 > How to create a database.
 > How to connect to a database.
 > How to display data in a web page.
 > How to insert, update, and delete database records.
 > These are the features introduced in the article:
 > Working with a Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition database.
 > Working with SQL queries.
 > The Database class.
 > Two Tier Architecture.
 > Three Tier Architecture.